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Catering Equipment

There are many catering equipment manufacturers and even more suppliers. You must keep an open mind when considering making a purchase, however big or small a piece of equipment you are looking for. There is a vast range to choose from and it certainly worth getting more than one quote.

Consider the products you are currently using, what is the reliability, efficiency, quality, ease of cleaning, health and safety, presentation, consider these and more. Use the supplier salesmen, do they really know their stuff? what is their experience? If you are having a refit then definitely get more than one quote. There are quite a number national companies that can quote and provide the after sales service. After sales service is critical for new kitchens or refits, there are always niggles, which can affect the day to day service of the food service and consequently the profitability of your business.

What is the latest technology? Will it fit into your operation? Is it efficient, eco and carbon friendly? Most companies will have a test kitchen or at the worst can take you to a working kitchen where you will be able to see the products in use.

How are you going to finance the deal? Buy, Lease, Rent, many choices to make. If it is a lot of money ask your accountant?

Here are some manufacturers and suppliers: -               


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