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Sometimes we have to take a little time just to sit back and say "what I am really good at, what is my forte, what should I be spending my time doing, where am I going to get the best return for my efforts?"

Well these questions and more need to be given a lot of thought to. We need to know the answers if we are to get that little bit extra from our business. These questions and answers are applicable to everyone. Why waste time cooking say, if in actual fact you are far better at managing the business or at the front of house? Train or let someone else to do you job, especially if it is going to produce more profit, better margins, happier customers and staff. You will be the winner in the long run. Have a look at how the most successful companies operate, where do they have their key staff?

Look at some of the tasks you perform, if someone performs them better than you, then so what, you do other tasks better, so it is win win all the way.

"Consultancy" can mean many things, some are frightening, as they may seem as though they cost can cost a fortune. "Consultancy" is something that only the really big companies use surely? We need to ask ourselves why do these large companies use them? What do they get out of brining in a consultant? To be continued,

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