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Here are some tips and pointers that you may like to consider when looking to re-evaluate purchases from your Foodservice Suppliers. Following these tips will go a long way towards ensuring that you get better prices, terms and conditions from both your existing and prospective suppliers. Remember any enhancement in your prices, terms and conditions will ultimately convert into increased margins for you and as equally important, improved value for money for your customers.

We will update these tips on a regular basis, so ensure that you come and visit our site again. There are also more ideas on the our  consultancy page. There is the opportunity to consider consultancy as another option to getting the best from your business.

  • Your business is valuable, after all you are working in it and is probably your only source of income for you and your family. So do not be afraid to call your suppliers in and discuss all aspects of your trading relationship.
  • Arrange a regular meeting be sure to be kept informed of what is happening in your local area.
  • Wholesale prices on a number of key commodities do move up and down  on a regular basis, don't get left behind.
  • Discuss with your supplier prices on the products "you" want to purchase, not the ones they would like to "sell", don't forget that is why they are there!
  • Ask another supplier to come in and quote for your business, they would just love the opportunity, believe me.
  • Remember though, extra discount does not always mean you are getting the best price for your goods and services.
  • Don't ever think that your business is not big enough to discuss any aspects of your trading agreement, they do not want to lose any customer however big a small.
  • High volume customers are not always the best to have so don't underestimate your value to them!
  • Volumes, even if you have just one or two volume lines it is still worth negotiating, just ask and you will see.
  • Would you like some more tips and advice? Go to our contact page or simply email







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