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Welcome to

The World of Catering

One thing is for sure 2018 is going to be another tough year! Silly statement maybe, but get your house in order now and when the good times return they should be even better. Especially for those who have made the effort to get all the aspects of their business on the right track.

Are you ready for the new Allergen Rules? more information to come soon

We are going to dedicate some pages specifically aimed at getting the best out of the current economic climate, and who knows the worst has probably yet to come!

Gloom maybe but it is real. Even if you do not read the Financial Press just look around and see who has gone to the wall recently in the Foodservice Industry.

We must understand that millions of people rely on us for a whole host of things. Most of your premises are the hub of the community, centre of attraction, an essential service, you tell us. The most important fact is that we are needed and we need to recognise this.

What we have got to do is preserve this unique opportunity and build on it in difficult times. Yes our customers will talk about the state of the country/ world but we have to go forward

Questions you may be asking yourself: -

How can I survive?
What do I need to do?
Where can I get advice?
How long have I got to get it right?
What will my regulars think if they see an empty restaurant?
Questions, questions and more questions.

We will keep looking for the answers, if we can't find them then we will look to put forward ideas. The ideas may be a copy of someone else's but if they work what does it matter? Most new ideas are extensions of the original one. Just look at "The Blade" hands dryer from Dyson, great idea, but we have been shaking and blowing our hands to get them dry forever. The secret then is to look and learn what slant can I use?

Thank you for taking time to read this brief introduction, there will be more soon. If in the meantime you wish to contact us follow this link the more feedback the more help you can give your colleagues.

But where do you start, well you have! You have gone on the internet and found this site and you may go and look even further. Use the menu top left there could be features there that can help you move forward. The key however is to read and take note of what you have read. Then decide as to whether it will be useful to your business. Research, research and action.

Other places you could to start: -

If your company would like a listing and short introduction on any of our pages please email us on or via our   Contact Us page

Safety Data Sheets are not CoSHH Assessments.
A shocking report from last years health and safety audits provided by several of our partners found that an alarming number of employers believed that product Safety Data Sheets provided by suppliers and manufacturers are in fact CoSHH assessments. This alarming report shows that some employers are at significant risk of new penalties by not understanding the very basic requirements of CoSHH risk assessment.

The danger arises when you don't know that you don't know!

Read the full article here:

If you are interested in getting up-to-date and compliant with the UK's leading authority on task based CoSHH risk assessment, we can get you compliant starting today from only one pound a day. The process will take only a few minutes of your time speaking to one of our friendly operators who will talk you through how truly effective COSHH365 can be for your business.

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Into Battle?

The Battle for Customers has begun in earnest. Most of major brands are offering deals to entice customers not only in but back. 2 for 1, or even less in some circumstances. It looks as though it is working as well. For those of you, especially the independents, have an hour or so off. Go and see what they are offering. Is there anything you could use or maybe alter slightly to get more customers coming in and/ or returning. You may have a regular customer base and are happy with it. But will it last the recession, that is the question. Remember that nearly 1 in 3 restaurants were insolvent in 2008 and that is before the almighty crash.

Food Hygiene Courses

Consumers give their views on eating out

Food Law Code of Practice England

Seafood Recipes and much more.

 Taking the first steps into running your own Catering Business then have a look here first and hopefully we will see you soon!

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